About Us

The Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm is a little different from most urban gardens and farms.

Rather than offering individual plots, we plant and tend the entire space as a community of neighbors. We grow plants for food, beautiful flowers, as well as plants that can be used to make fibers and dye cloth.

We partner with Christopher House – a not-for-profit serving low-income families in the neighborhood – and donate our harvest to their food pantry. Children at Christopher House are also involved with the garden, empowering them with hands-on food know-how that will help them make healthy choices throughout their lives.

If you’re interested, you can become part of one of our volunteer teams and help out on a regular basis. We also host bi-monthly farm workdays and weekly community nights, and everyone is welcome to come by and get dirty. Participation level is up to you – and if you work, take a bit of whatever’s ripe!

The Altgeld Saywer Corner Farm is a meeting place, a classroom, an outdoor laboratory, an art gallery and a much-needed green space in our neighborhood. Our goal is to cultivate not just a garden, but also a community.

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